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NBC recently reached out to Vertical Consultants to discuss 5G and what it actually is and its benefits.

What Is 5G?

5G allows for many upgrades over 4G. 5G allows faster connections, support more devices, and will allow you to do more than you ever have before with your phone or other wireless device.

How fast will 5G be?  5G will be 10 to 100 times speedier than 4G, and even faster than anything you can get with a physical fiber-optic cable going into your house or business.

5G is not just about speed, but, just as important, low latency. What is latency? The best way to define it is the response time between when you click to download data, when the network responds. Presently with 4G, there can be a certain lag time for data to download, but with 5G it will be almost instant.

5G’s impact on latency within the wireless network will also allow new technologies to emerge.

Lastly, 5G is designed with the ability to connect a far greater number of devices than current 4G networks. How is this a benefit? Well, 5G can handle equipment associated with day-to-day business, ranging from those used on a farm, hospital, school or business.

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