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Hugh Odom joined Cheddar News to discuss 5G and the cell tower industry’s outlook for 2022.

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3 Ways 5G Will Change Our World In 2022

With 5G wireless technology being available nationwide in 2022 and over 100 million 5G subscribers in the U.S and over 1 billion world wide 2022 will be the year that consumers start to cut the cord and three areas of our daily lives will benefit dramatically.

Health Care-Improved Telemedicine

The telemedicine market has grown since COVID and will be the new way patients interact with their healthcare providers.

With enhanced 5G wireless networks, healthcare systems can handle patient’s telemedicine healthcare appointments and can greatly increase the reach of telemedicine in both urban and rural areas.

86% of doctors say health care wearables are advantageous as they provide real time monitoring for both patients and doctors and increased patient engagement with their own health.

With 5G technology growth in 2022, which provides greater network speeds, healthcare systems can offer remote monitoring and provide doctors real-time data they need to make quick/efficient healthcare decisions.

Remote Workers/Offices

COVID 19 moved over 40% of the American workforce to working remotely and it is estimated that approximately 40 million employees will remain fully remote and over 100 million workers could be without a traditional desk by 2024.

Remote work technology can have its issues.

2022 will be the year that businesses start their conversion to dependence on wireless internet instead of traditional wired broadband. This will be via 5G mobile hotspots and fixed wireless available to employees can enhance productivity for remote workers.

5G networks are up to 100 times faster and will provide a more reliable source of internet connectivity for both the traditional and remote worker.

In 2022 more workers will be not be able to work remotely but on the move. No desk required.

Supply Chain Management

The backed up supply chain will also benefit from enhanced wireless services in 2022.

Enhanced wireless networks with result in the ability for companies to track the movement of goods and information in real time throughout every aspect of a supply chain is key.

5G enables the tracking of 10 times more devices with up to 100 times faster speed and responsiveness.

Warehouses and distribution centers will be tracked and analyzed in real time.

The remote control of devices and movement of goods located anywhere from anywhere will be a reality, resulting in the more efficient and ultimately faster delivery of goods.