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5G For All America

There is a Digital Divide in America that prevents rural communities from accessing reliable, high-speed internet.

We’re trying to change that.

5G for Rural America

Get Connected

Learn how your community can improve the wireless access and quality of life in your area.

5G Could Cause Flight Cancellations (Video)

  Major U.S. air carriers have issued a warning that plans by wireless carriers to use spectrum for 5G wireless services starting Jan. 5 could disrupt thousands of daily flights and cost air passengers $1.6 billion annually in delays....

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NewsNation Now Interviews Hugh Odom

Telecom expert Hugh Odom joined NewsNation to discuss the impact of a proposed bill that would get all Americans, especially those living in rural areas, access to high speed internet. NewsNation is a national news and entertainment cable...

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Hugh Odom Joins SPW On RFD-TV

Broadband connectivity is becoming an increasingly significant issue across America, with the divide between rural America and the suburbs and cities deepening daily. SPW Contributor Hugh Odom of Vertical Consultants shared his thoughts on that divide -- and how to...

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